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A few minutes to swim – many more to wait – This is how swim meets usually take place! Swim Race Days are different – there will definitely be no boredom! Due to the separation of age groups (2005 – 2009 in the morning, 2004 and older in the afternoon), we avoid unnecessarily long breaks. Nonetheless, anyone who still wants to follow the whole event can experience exciting competitions with modern formats, qualifications and finals. We also offer an instructive and educational accompanying program. Victory premiums, attractive prices as well as a light show and graceful victory ceremonies are waiting for our participants. It is impossible not to watch our races! Are you ready?




  • 4 swimmers (2 male and 2 female) share on lane start on a start signal and swim in a line right behind each other (max. 5 meters distance)
  • Each swimmer has to swim more than the swimmer in front of him/her, so the first swimmer of the team leaves the pool after 50 meters while the remaining three swimmer keep swimming in the same order
  • Therefore the first swimmer swims 50 meters, the second one 100 meters, the third one 150 meters and the last swimmer remains in the pool for the whole 200 meters
  • During the race no overtaking is allowed within the team; the hands of each swimmer must remain behind the feet of the front swimmer until the stop.

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Venue: Südbad Dortmund

  • Address: Ruhrallee 30 (Navi: Am Knappenberg 28) D - 44139 Dortmund
  • Phone: +49 (0)231 5023503
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Organizer: SV Westfalen Dortmund von 1896 e.V.