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Swim Race Days - March 03. - 04.2018
Südbad Dortmund


The exciting nature of a swimming competition!

A few minutes to swim – much more to wait – This is how competitions take place normally! The Swim Race Days are different – there will be no boredom! Due to the separation of age groups (2004– 2008 in the morning, 2003 and older in the afternoon), we avoid unnecessarily long breaks of the participating swimmers. Anyone who wants to follow the whole event can experience exciting competitions with modern formats, qualifications and finals. We also offer an educational program. Victory premiums, attractive prices as well as a light show and graceful victory ceremonies are waiting for our participants. You can´t look away from our races! Are you ready?


Ursula Happe (member of the SV Westfalen Dortmund) won 1956 the Olympic Gold Medal in the 200m Breaststroke, also she was the world record holder in this competition. The cup is given to the winner of the 50, 100 and 200m Breaststroke after addition the points of all three events according to the FINA score table. The Cup is connected with a reward of 100,00€. Ursula Happe will personally hand over the cup on Sunday afternoon.


This race might be the highlight of the whole competition!! The best 8 men and women in the 200m Medley (Competition No. 17 and 18) are qualified for the elimination race. There will be four races in the 50m Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle (draw before each race). In the first three races the last two of each race are eliminated. The last two contest the final. The race take place an Saturday evening around 6.45 p.m. accompanied by an amazing light show!


Girls and Boys of age group 2004 to 2008 (separate evaluation by boys and girls) may take part at the “Mini-Cup”. Therefore three of four 50m races must be swum. Champion of the “Mini-Cup” will be the girl/boy, who has the highest points after addition the best three results (according to the score table of the FINA).

Single- and Team-Cup

  • The best single performance in one event (according to the score table of the FINA) is rewarded with a cash prize of 50,00€.
  • Special reward for the best team, by scoring 6-5- 4-3- 2-1 points for place 1 to 6 in each evaluation.
  • Cash prizes of 150,00€, 100,00€ and 50,00€ for the best three teams

Event Information


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The Team of the Café-Bistro Südbad put together an offer of meals for you. Make a pre-order and you have more of the day.



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In HDI Parkhaus Südbad we made special conditions for you. For just 5 EUR you can park your car the whole day.

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Half an hour after the tournament, in Südbad is a great party for all athletes. From mid January you can register for this.


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